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Glambitious Homegirl

Bougie Juice | Plastic Tumbler with Straw

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Some say she's bougie but really she's just particular. Bougie is not interchangeable with snobby however as for over here we have standards.

Apart of the REMI SIP COLLECTION. Remi is short for reminder. As in remember the goal and purpose. Let the written intentions of the cup serve as a reminder while you sip throughout your day. A reminder to have standards to not only what you put in your body but what you allow or say "yes" to throughout your day. Say yes to. Water for hydration and glowing skin, caffeine as motivational fuel to tell toxic "not today or ever", smoothie for a well nourished body. Let's drink to that!

Collect all of our intentional cup messages to be apart of your daily reminders.

- Straw and lid included
-Double wall insulation
-BPA Free
- 20oz (0.6l)

WARNING ⚠️ Do not microwave!