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Glambitious Homegirl

Coco Noir Cup | Plastic Tumbler with Straw

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Coco is Short for cocoa,the brown powder used to make chocolate. The name Coco is also an endearing name to mean "darling". We took the abbreviation and the name meaning and remixed it. So we use the word COCO to mean "chocolate darling" as an endearment to beautiful brown melanin skin of all shades.

Not only is it a reminder but try adding cocoa as a supplement to enjoy many health benefits too.

Apart of the REMI SIP COLLECTION. Remi is short for reminder. As in remember to celebrate your beautiful skin. Add water let it help your skin become more vibrant and radiant.  Try adding cocoa powder and melted coconut oil to enjoy the many health benefits! Let the written intentions of the cup serve as a reminder while you sip throughout your day. A reminder to sip on a beverage like water or a smoothie to maintain your body that is covered by your beautiful brown skin with something to make you feel as fab as you look. Let's drink to that!

Collect all of our intentional cup messages to be apart of your daily reminders.

- Straw and lid included
-Double wall insulation
-BPA Free
- 20oz (0.6l)

WARNING ⚠️ Do not microwave!